The Northwest Barony

The Land

The lands granted to Baron Kelgar consist mainly of pine forests, jagged hills and valleys, and imposing mountain ranges. There seems to be no shortage of rivers and streams, and in low lying areas water will often pool up to form stretches of marshland.

Game animals, such as squirrels, elk, and pheasant, are abundant, as are wolves, boars, and bears. In the waterways, one can find perch, breams, carp, chubs, and eels. No one in the barony has yet fished off its coast, but one would assume that the same animals found in the sea just to the south would also be found there.


Kelgar’s Holdfast is the only human settlement in the region, and The Dwarves have lost their ancestral cities.


The Dwarves trace their clan lineages back for thousands of years and enjoyed prosperity until only recently.

According to Imperial records, the area was settled by barbarous humans roughly 1,000 years ago. They built crude villages and keeps, caused some trouble along the Empire’s northern borders for a while, and then vanished from recorded history.

The Northwest Barony

The Northwest Barony Adapt