The Imperial Church


The Imperial Church is a monotheistic religion that reveres a deity known as “Daeor”, which simply means “god” in the Imperial tongue.


Daeor is said to be the creator of the world. The church says it was Daeor who put man on the earth and guided him towards civilization and enlightenment. Daeor’s is commonly ssociated with the sun, light, wisdom, and life. He is frequently portrayed as wrathful and judgmental by authorities within the church, while the common folk tend to emphasize his purity and compassion.

Daeor is not depicted as having a physical form. Rather, he is described as a being of intangible purity and energy. His symbol is a golden sun.



  • Overpriests: Each province is the jurisdiction of an overpriest. The overpriests collectively form the Holy Council, which dictates church doctrine and policy.
  • High Priests: High priests are either appointed by an overpriest or elected by their fellow clergymen. A high priest will typically preside over an area consisting of one or more counties.
  • Curates: Curates are assigned to cities, towns, and villages. In a small area or settlement, one curate will be in charge of the adepts and acolytes. In larger areas and settlements, there may be multiple curates who share these duties.
  • Adepts: The typical rank-and-file of the clergy.
  • Acolytes: Initiates of the church who have not yet completed their training and achieved the rank of adept.

Martial Orders

  • The Order of the White Sun

Monastic Orders

The Imperial Church

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