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Bensfurd is a cold, mostly flat land, marked by occasional ranges of grassy hills. It sits on the eastern edge of The Empire, sharing a border with Voldany. Its people are mostly farmers, and the province has grown ill defended since the war with the elves. As a result, Bensfurd has been increasingly raided by the Voldir, and many of its people have been abducted and forced into slavery. It is said that the Emperor plans to send an army to Bensfurd to deal with this threat.

The people of Bensfurd are pale and hirsute. The men tend to be strong and barrel chested and the women tend to be large shouldered.


Emradan is a warm province consisting mainly of arid scrubland and low lying mountains. Much of the land has been scarred by war, and the blight has been getting increasingly worse. Most of its people now live along the western coast, where the land seems so far untouched by plague and famine.

The people of Emradan are of medium to olive complexion and tend to have dark hair. The warriors of Emradan fought bravely during the war, a testament to the proud and martial traditions of their knightly orders.


Harend is the oldest imperial province, the place where The Empire first took shape. It is still considered the heart of The Empire, and it is here that one will find Auldward, the imperial capital and center of power for The Imperial Church. Auldward is the largest city in The Empire, and the river lands that surround it provide food for many of the less agriculturally productive provinces. In recent times, the influx of refugees to Harend has been overwhelming. The province may soon be unable to feed them all, once the blight reaches the capital.

The people of Harend are of medium to light complexion. They have a reputation for thinking that they are more civilized and educated than the other provinces.


Leodar was once a thriving province, best known for its finely bred horses and its highly trained cavalry. All of that has changed in recent years. Of all the imperial provinces, Leodar has been the most stricken with the unnatural blight that has caused so much misery. The war itself also took an enormous toll, and the once imposing hilltop fortresses that stood watch over the sun-drenched farmlands now lay in ruins.

The people of Leodar are of medium to olive complexion and tend to be tall with dark hair. They are known to be excellent horsemen and cunning opponents.


Orweald is a cold, mountainous land with low slung valleys. Pine forests are abundant, as are game animals. Orweald is reputed to have the finest hunting of all the imperial provinces. The land remains unscathed form the war, though its armies are badly depleted. The blight has not yet arrived here, but the priests say it could strike at any time.

The people of Orweald are of fair complexion. The men favor mustaches and keep their long hair in thick, single braids.


Susburg is a relatively new addition to The Empire, and was in fact their last military victory before the war with The Elves. The temperate and lightly wooded region was conquered and annexed only 20 years ago, and there have been no shortage of outrage, riots, and rebellion form many of the common folk. With the recent war and the ensuing blight, the fate of this stubborn and quarrelsome province is even more uncertain.

The people of Susburg are of medium to light complexion. They are often regarded with suspicion by those who serve the Empire. Many of the men – especially those old enough to have experienced the losing end of the imperial conquest – grow their sideburns long and bushy in the style of the last king of Susburg as symbol of defiance.


Vessia is a wealthy province of temperate climate. In the north, the land is mountainous and lightly wooded. In the south, arid hills and vast tracts of farmland stretch to the shores of The Long Sea, where one can find a string of large coastal cities.

The people tend to be of medium complexion, though some can be as swarthy as the Dorosi. They are a free spirited and proud people, renowned as the most successful traders and sailing men of The Empire.

The Empire

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