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Akrusia was once a powerful and stable military power. When their last king died twenty years ago, the country fell to civil war. Although some order has been restored, internal strife and rebellion are still the norm. Akrusia is allied with Voldany, and if The Empire makes war with the Voldir then Akrusia will likely join the fight.

The land itself is low, with small clusters of forested areas but few mountains or hills. Marshlands are prominent near the coast, and wide and lazy rivers spread out endless tributaries, making the land rich in agriculture and fishing.

Akrusians are of medium to fair complexion and tend to be tall and broad shouldered. Many Akrusian men wear their hair long, but this is seen as old fashioned by the younger generations. They are known as being slow to anger and slower still to forget a grudge or slight.


Doros is an ancient and proud nation ruled by a family of wealthy merchant princes. The most acclaimed architects and artisans in the known lands come from Doros. With its many wineries, palaces, and slave markets, Doros has a reputation for decadence which is not entirely undeserved. Doros has long been allied with The Empire, a pact made strong by decades of prosperous trade.

The land in Doros is predominantly hilly, with patches of oak forest. It is a warm, fertile country.

The Dorosi are swarthy folk who tend to be short of stature. Many of the wealthier citizens are overweight, and only soldiers, the working class, and the very old grow beards.

The Greylands

The area known as The Greylands is a vast northern wilderness inhabited by scattered barbarian tribes. The barbarians frequently come south to raid Voldany and the imperial province of Bensfurd. Rumor has it that some of these tribesmen have been spotted along the eastern borders of the barony.

The land here is cold, mountainous, and mostly inhospitable. The southern areas are heavily forested, giving way to tundra as one goes further north.

Greylanders tend to be fair of skin and hair, though some tribes produce mostly dark haired individuals. Each tribe has a distinct set of tattoos, brands, or other marks, often designed to make the appear more menacing and ferocious.


Karovia was once a part of Doros. They petitioned for independence several hundred years ago and have managed to remain on good relations with their old rulers. While not as economically savvy as Doros, Karovia is a very efficiently run, militaristic nation that boasts an impressive sailing fleet and a formidable army. While they have not made any signs of aggression towards The Empire, some believe that it is only a matter of time. Such a move would undoubtedly strain their relations with Doros.

The terrain is much like that of Doros – hills and oak forests – but Karovia is much more arid and not quite as warm.

Karovians come from the same stock as the Dorosi. They are a swarthy people who tend to be somewhat short and of lean physique. The men of Karovia favor short beards, and Karovian warriors will often shave their heads for battle.


Voldany and The Empire have been enemies off and on since almost the beginning of recorded history. Their warriors are strong and have a reputation for ruthlessness and brutality. Voldir reavers will often make forays across the border into the imperial province of Bensfurd, taking slaves and burning villages. Although Voldany is not currently at war with the Empire, their raids against Bensfurd have grown increasingly bold since the war with The Elves began.

Voldany is a damp, rainy land of boulder-strewn plains and steep hills. The heavily forested mountains on their northern border give birth to numerous rivers and streams which run throughout the land.

The Voldir are of pale complexion, with long noses and a slight epicanthic fold to their eyes eyes. The men wear long, drooping mustaches, often adorned with bands of precious metal, bone, or ivory.

Other Nations

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