The dwarves tell many stories about a race of cloven-hooved creatures, half man and half animal. Some of The Dwarves claim that beastmen are vile creatures that were driven them from the land many centuries ago. Others say that they were relatively peaceful, and either mostly died out over time or left to other regions on their own accord. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

In more recent times, there have been reports of beastmen from The Greylands, where they are regarded by the barbarian tribes as demonic and warlike. Some of the dwarves believe the beastmen might return to The Northwest Barony, now that the dwarves are no longer a major presence in the area.



Tunnel Worms

Some of the dwarven builders talk about times in the past when they would have to stop construction of their great tunnels to deal with “tunnel worms”. Depending on who you ask, these either resemble some kind of giant snake or some kind of giant, segmented insect.

The Living Dead

Superstitious folk will always tell stories about ghosts and hauntings. These tales are mostly dismissed as nonsense, but some say that the dark priests of The Exiled have mastered the art of animating the dead and calling forth vengeful spirits.


Tales of demons abound in most religions. The Imperial Church acknowledges the existence of such creatures, but they are said to seldom appear in physical or visible form. There are some who believe that The Elves were only able to call forth such powerful and destructive sorcery because of their allegiance with demons. Others claim that all sorcery is the result of demonic pacts.


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