Kelgar's Holdfast

Kelgar’s Holdfast is a the only human settlement in The Northwest Barony. It is built on the ruins of a castle built centuries ago by the men who once inhabited this valley. The castle is still being rebuilt, but some structures and defenses are already in place. The baron and his household live in a new stone keep, built by the newly appointed master builder, Grunlo Brud Horvurg, a dwarven refugee whose skill has proved invaluable to the baron. A village of about 200 people has been built up around the keep. The whole place is encircled by a newly constructed stone wall, and a large barbican gate is currently being built.

The Land

Kelgar’s holdfast sits at the northern end of an ancient and overgrown road that brings travelers north from The Empire through a mountain pass. It is built on the eastern shore of a large lake few by two rivers, providing plenty of fish and clean water for its citizens. To the south, farms and sheep fields have been established. Forests are abundant, so there is no shortage of wood. A nearby quarry provides stone.

The Keep

Baron Ewald Kelgar: Reagent of The Northwest Barony.

Four knights, who each fought bravely by Baron Kelgar’s side during the war, are sworn to his service. Each knight commands about a half-dozen men-at-arms.

  • Sir Orven
  • Sir Gusdor
  • Sir Hugh
  • Sir Evert

In addition to these troops, there is a garrison of about 30 men, many of whom are untested soldiers and men of questionable backgrounds. They are commanded by a captain and his three sergeants.

  • Captain Lasko:
    • Sergeant Pryce
    • Sergeant Roynan
    • Sergeant Bors

The baron also employs other retainers and specialists including:

  • Jarvis Pyle: Chief steward of the stronghold. He commands the household staff, which includes roughly 15 servants and workers.
  • Grunlo Brud Horvurg: Master builder. This dwarf supervises construction and architecture and leads a team of 30 men and dwarves.
  • Akroy: Master armorer. About a half-dozen apprentices and journeymen work under his supervision, fashioning weapons, armor, and other metal items for the keep. Akroy, or one of his subordinates, can occasionally fill orders for those in need of weapons and armor, but work required by the keep is their chief priority.

The Village

The village consists of about 200 people, mostly displaced peasants and craftsmen who lost their homes and livelihoods in the war or during the months that followed. Some notable locaitons and NPCs within the village are listed below.

Goods and Services

Food and Drink

Reed’s Tavern

  • Albus Reed: Tavernkeeper.
  • Gustor Reed: Albus’s son.

Ralda’s Market

This small establishment combines a bakery, run by the woman Ralda, with a small butcher shop run by her henpecked husband Gruce. They sell delicious meat pies and will pay good money for fresh game.

  • Ralda Horvis:
  • Gruce Horvis:

Sammus the Fisherman

Sammus is one of the most successful fishermen in the holdfast. He and his wife sell their catch near the docks, where they also operate a smokehouse for fish, cheese, and meat.

  • Sammes the Fisherman:
  • Areida the Fishwife:


Ilgon’s Smithy

Ilgon is a blacksmith of fair to mediocre skill. his services are good for simple items and repairs but he does not specialize in armaments. Those in need of such services should speak to Akroy, the holdfast’s master smith.

  • Ilgon the Smith:

Corbum’s General Goods

This shop sells most standard outdoor supplies, as well as common tools, a small assortment of simple weapons, and a few suits of light armor.

  • Corbum the Merchant:

Bolgar’s Pawnshop

Those wishing to get quick coin from precious stones, jewelry, or other items may visit Bolgar, a shrewd man who will pay hard cash for such items. More basic items are often pawned to Bolgar as well, making his shop an ever changing storehouse for discarded gear and unusual odds and ends.

  • Bolgar the Pawnbroker

Galdon’s Tannery

Galdon crafts all manner of leather goods including saddles, backpacks, wineskins, and leather armor. His prices are fair for common goods but higher for more labor intensive goods such as saddles and armor. Galdon will pay for decent quality animal hides.

  • Galdon Berner



Borbien is an honest man and offers stabling and feed at fair rates. He generally has a handful of mules and donkeys around, of healthy stock, that are ready for sale. He sometimes has a horse or two for sale, but the keep has requisitioned most of the available mounts for their own use.

  • Borbien Firch:

Other Locations

Imperial Chapel

Four clergymen serve the religious needs of the community. Services are held in a simple wooden chapel, which Curate Frankos says is just a temporary solution until a more appropriate stone church can be built. Technically, an overpriest should be assigned to such a large area. This may occur at some point in the future, but for now Curate Frankos defers to the will of the Holy Council.

  • Curate Frankos: Chapel master and high custodian of the faith within the barony. Three adepts and a handful of acolytes serve under his direction.

The Dwarven Camp

Most of the dwarven refugees live in their own section of the village. This is not by any official edict, and while there have been a few scuffles the dwarves and the men seem to get along fairly well. The dwarves just seem to be more comfortable living among their own kind. Their dwellings are simply built wooden houses, which is somewhat surprising given their skills as stoneworkers. Many people think that the dwarves hope to someday return to their clan halls, and are reluctant to build more permanent stone homes.

The Old Man’s Hovel

An elderly Dorosi man lives in a small hovel near the edge of town, and has begun dolling out a modest salary to a crew of laborers who are currently building him a somewhat grandiose stone house. He is quite secretive, and nobody seems to know his name. Some say he is an ex-priest, a heretic excommunicated form the church. Others say he practices sorcery. Many of the commoners feel he should be driven out of town or burned at the stake. The baron, for undisclosed reasons, has ordered that he be left in peace. Some say the old man meets with the baron secretly. What they would be discussing is anyone’s guess.

Kelgar's Holdfast

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