Character Creation


Roll 4d6 for each ability, dropping the lowest die. Assign ability scores in whatever order you like.

Choosing a Class

Most of the Classes have been tweaked for this campaign. Make sure you understand what changes have been made before you decide on a class.

Choosing a Homeland

If you are from The Empire, as are most of the settlers in The Northwest Barony, choose your home province. If you wish to be from one of the Other Nations, choose a nation. If you are a dwarf, choose which clan you belong to. If you are a cleric or halfling, you must be from The Empire.

Choosing Languages

Starting Languages are determined by your class. Unless you are a dwarf, you may also pick additional languages if you have an INT bonus.

Starting Level

All PCs will begin at 4th level. Set your XP total to the minimum amount required to attain 4th level.

Hit Points

At 1st level, your HP are equal to your maximum HD amount plus 1/2 your Constitution score. So a 1st level fighter with a 14 CON would have 15 HP (8 for his HD and 7 for his CON), while a 1st level magic-user with 10 CON would have 9 HP (4 for his HD and 5 for his CON).

For every level thereafter, determine HP normally (HD + CON bonus).

Starting Equipment and Wealth

Select whatever arms, armor, and other equipment you might have reasonably acquired on your adventures so far: a couple of weapons, a suit of armor, a backpack, some outdoor gear, tools of the trade, etc. Each character also begins the game with a riding horse, saddle, and necessary tack (bridle, reins, saddlebags, etc.).

After you have picked out your equipment, roll 2d6 x 4 to determine how many g.p you have at the start of the campaign.

Exceptional/Magic Items

The GM will assign each character one or more exceptional or magic items. For clerics, this may be a set of scrolls or a blessed item. For magic-users, this may be a set of scrolls or a batch of potions. For most other characters, this will typically be a non-magical weapon, shield, or suit of armor of exceptional quality or an unusual material.

Character Creation

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