The Northwest Barony

The Abandoned Castle
Day 1

Having decided to investigate rumors of an abandoned castle to the north, the party set out with their hirelings, Bouden, Ludger, and Ector. They followed an old road along the riverbank, and the daylight hours passed uneventfully.

Just after dusk, they spotted a group of men camped outside of a ruined tower. Balmor cast an invisibility spell on Felix, who went ahead to investigate. He reported back shortly with the following information: the men appeared to be harmless peasants or laborers, but two strange, savage looking dwarves were spying on the men as well. From the description Felix gave, Kesskiir and Wilfrith knew that Felix had spotted a pair of Exiles.

Wilfrith and Kesskiir charged off to do battle with their sworn enemies while the rest of the party made their way to the tower. there, they met Steffan and his crew of masons. Owein quickly took up position at the top of the tower while Roikos spoke with the men, explaining the situation.

With the help of Balmor’s sleep spell, the party managed to defeat the Exiles. They took five of them prisoner, slaying the rest. They sent four of the prisoners back to Kelgar’s Holdfast with Steffan and his crew but kept one of them, Burgat to question. Under the influence of Balmor’s charm person spell, Burgat agreed to lead the party to the abandoned castle they had set out to find. As it turns out, he and a war band of about 50 other Exiles had recently arrived at the castle. From what he said, there were about 30 of them left holding the castle, and they had recently taken some humans prisoner.

Deciding to continue their quest, the party discussed their plans for the next day. They would scout out the castle and, if possible, free the prisoners.


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